Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I get home?

Driver get home once a week.

Does BWI have it’s own truck driving school?

No. Please contact us for a list of approved trucking schools.

What is BWI’s pet policy?

We do not allow any pets on the trucks.

What type of trailer’s do you use?

We run new 53’ refrigerated Utility and 53' dry van trailers.

What type of driving positions do you offer?

We have both team long distance as well as solo regional positions available.

How much hand unloading do you have?

100% no touch and pay for lumpers.

Do you allow spouses to ride along?

Yes, with prior written authorization.

What type of trucks do you have?

We are currently operating all 2017 Freightliner Cascadias.

What is the truck's maximum speed set at?

59-65 mph

Will I keep the same truck?


Can I take the truck home with me?

If your load gets you by the house, and you have a safe place to keep the truck and trailer, then you may stop by the house with your truck. We do not allow you to run out of route miles to go home.

Do you have any dedicated runs?

Not assigned to certain drivers. We do run a lot of the same runs every week.

Will I have to work weekends?


How often will I get paid?

We run payroll two times a week.

What areas do you hire from?

We like to hire from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana so we can get you by home more often, and also along our lanes of travel, we are open to other areas.

What areas do you run in?

Normally Georgia, Florida, and Alabama to California, Washington and Oregon for our teams and all over the southeast and midwest for our regional drivers.