History of the Company

In 1963 at the age of 19, Benny and Brenda Whitehead bought their first truck and began hauling timber locally.  In 1975, they purchased two older trucks and started hauling freight.   Six years later, they sold their old trucks and bought two brand new trucks and from then on,  added a few trucks a year.   Benny has personally logged over 3 million miles and has built his reputation for dependability and quality service at a fair price.  Benny’s wife Brenda stayed behind and raised their family and managed the day to day operations of the company.  


By the mid 80’s, BWI was running twenty trucks and everything started to make a turn for the better.  After graduating from high school, their three children joined the company taking control of the day to day operations.  Today, the Whitehead family owned and operated business operates one-hundred 2013-2015 refrigerated trailers and tractors and eighty-five 2013-2015 dry trailers and employs more than 200 people.   Our service area covers 20 states stretching from the South East to the West Coast.  With our team operators, we guarantee 40-hour coast to coast delivery. 


Safety is a top priority here at Benny Whitehead, Inc.  By setting out trucks at a maximum speed of 58-62 miles per hour, we have become one of the safest fleets on the highway and have also increased our fleet average on fuel mileage to 8.03 miles per gallon.  This year, we have proudly partnered with SmartWay and other businesses to help reduce fuel consumption, protect our environment and improve the quality of air.  Our drivers are also are big part of the fuel mileage equation, we have a great fuel miling bonus program.